The Great Race for Healing! – Healing Kids' Hearts

The Great Race for Healing!

We proudly present the "Great Race for Healing" fundraiser – your chance to create lasting impact. Be part of this remarkable journey to support our mission of healing and hope.

Choose a virtual therapy horse by picking a number from 1 to 100. Each horse has a name, and your chosen number matches your contribution. Support children's emotional healing through our foster care and adoption programs, including equine therapy, Peace Places, HeART Works, and more.

By adopting a horse and donating, you become a champion of positive change. Each virtual therapy horse embodies hope, healing, and progress. 

Join us in the Great Race for Healing and let's reach the finish line together with every virtual horse adopted!  Go to our Facebook or Instagram page to see our lineup of horses and keep up with which ones are still available to adopt. 

You can also use this link to donate: