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About the Book



My Forever Friendship Pony book is a magical story that is perfect for children who have experienced any sort of loss in their lives.  The story is about a little girl who had all kinds of mixed up feelings from missing someone that she loved. The little girl, Anabelle, had a pony that came to life and shared three special messages with her to help her through her feelings. Through the book, children learn that it’s okay to feel these feelings but that they have the power inside to let go of the feelings and find peace and happiness within themselves.  They also learn that they are always connected to the ones they love by invisible heart strings even if they can’t be with you.  Children love this book because of the fantasy aspect and the colorful illustrations.  The teaching points are simple. Parents and caregivers can remind children of these messages when they have feelings of loss by being separated from the ones they care about.  

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