How it all Started! – Healing Kids' Hearts

How it all Started!

When Adriana was only 4 years old she was put into the foster care system. In just under 8 months, she was moved into 3 different foster homes before finding her forever family. Before Adriana's adoption was final, her mom, Jane, wrote a book called, My Forever Friendship Pony. In this fictional children's book, a stuffed pony comes alive and gives the main character, Anabelle, three messages to help her through her loss. Adriana and her mom were on a mission to give these books, partnered with stuffed ponies, to children in foster care.

Through this initiative the Hansen Family sought to introduce an alternative avenue for healing within their community. Over the years, Adriana grappled with the lasting effects of trauma, with her overactive nervous system constantly locked in a state of fight or flight. It was amidst horses that Adriana's feelings of anxiety dissipated, a discovery made by her parents, Jane and Mark. Adriana found solace in spending time at local stables, immersing herself in the care and art of riding horses. It was a therapeutic journey that significantly contributed to her healing process.

In 2019, they took their commitment a step further, founding a nonprofit organization named "Healing Kids' Hearts." Through this venture, their aspiration was clear: to equip children who had experienced foster care and adoption in the South Florida area with the tools necessary to embark on their own healing journeys. Their vision extended beyond their family, aimed at bringing these transformative experiences to anyone in need.