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 About Adriana

 About Adriana

 About Adriana


About Adriana

Adriana is a 12 year old girl who is on a mission to give back to kids in foster care.  When Adriana was only 4 years old, she herself went into the foster care system and within a short period of 7 months, she was in three different homes before finding her forever family.  Adriana describes that time as being very scary and not really understanding what was going on.

Several months before Adriana’s adoption was final, she and her mom, Jane, had a conversation about what it means to be adopted and how there are many children still in foster care that haven’t found their forever families yet. When Jane asked Adriana how they could help those kids, Adriana came back with the suggestion of stuffed ponies.  “What color stuffed ponies?” Jane asked.  “Rainbow colored,” was Adriana’s answer.  That night a story came to Jane that she told Adriana.  It was about a little girl who had all sorts of mixed up feelings from missing someone she loved. That was how the, My Forever Friendship Pony book, was created. After the book was published, Jane and Adriana did very little with it for several years.  Jane wanted to wait until Adriana was old enough to make the decision to share her story and lead this project.  At twelve years old, Adriana was ready!  Se started a GoFundMe campaign to help earn money.  Donations started to pour in, GoFundMe gave Adriana the title of their Kid Hero for the month of March 2019, and Healing Kids’ Hearts was born!


About the Book

My Forever Friendship Pony book is a magical story that is perfect for children who have experienced any sort of loss in their lives.  The story is about a little girl who had all kinds of mixed up feelings from missing someone that she loved. The little girl, Anabelle, had a pony that came to life and shared three special messages with her to help her through her feelings. Through the book, children learn that it’s okay to feel these feelings but that they have the power inside to let go of the feelings and find peace and happiness within themselves.  They also learn that they are always connected to the ones they love by invisible heart strings even if they can’t be with you.  Children love this book because of the fantasy aspect and the colorful illustrations.  The teaching points are simple. Parents and caregivers can remind children of these messages when they have feelings of loss by being separated from the ones they care about.  


 About What We Do

It was Adriana and her mom’s commitment to give these books, partnered with brand new stuffed ponies to children in foster homes.  Adriana and her mom donate books and stuffed ponies to any children in foster care.  They donate to agencies and well as to individual foster parents who reach out to them via their website of Facebook page. 

In addition, they are also raising funds to help sponsor groups of kids to attend a local Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy program.  Adriana herself has experienced the healing benefits of being around horses for the last six years.  “They calm me and help me feel safe,” Adriana says. There is no doubt that horses are healing.  According to Equine-Assisted Therapies of South Florida, this program is a non-mounted therapy program, in which a licensed mental health professional works with the client and horse to explore feelings and behaviors.